Dear Registrants,
The Countdown emails are over and we are now in review....The Steering Committee of the Grenada 2015 Alumni Week says a BIG "Thank You" for joining us for a most memorable Reunion event - We CONNECTED with Friends; We COLLABORATED to make a Difference; and We CULTIVATED Opportunities for Young People!!

The Combined Secondary Schools Reunion was indeed a Success, and all because of YOU - the registrant; You showed up big for events, bringing friends and family along and ensuring that each function was well attended - Fun; Fun and more Fun.  But of course, it was all made possible by the Sponsors - businesses and individuals - who trusted in our committee's vision to deliver this 1st Ever Combined Reunion.
You may have a personal favorite day/event - the Meet & Greet, the Opening Function, Read Across Day, Evening Cruise, Worship Service, Game Day, Beach Day, Historic Tours, 70's Party, and Gala Dinner - or just loved it all....... Looking back:

The 5 Student Presenters at the Spice Basket (the Opening Function) were so special - and so articulate they brought happy tears to many eyes; and we are proud we made the decision to include them, along with the students in the Mentorship Program, since it shows that we can certainly play a role to help develop them into the future leaders we need.  Closing the evening with entertainment by Richardo Keens-Douglas and cultural team had folks beaming!  And if you did not stay for the "after show party" you missed a good one with the live Spice Basket Band at the Pavilion.

Then what can be said about the 70s Party? - afros, bellbottoms, dashikis, hot pants and halter tops - a packed dance floor until after 2:00am and folks still wanting to party more! (p.s. someone did grumble that the DJ cut the Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" song too short - LOL).
On a serious note though, EACH attendee made each activity special in so many ways. The Game Day races, musical chairs, the Prime Minister playing Windball, dancing with Ajamu in the rain (with chairs over our heads), Bishop Darius and Father Leroy officiating the Worship Service (and blessing our gathering), and of course, the unforgettable Historic Sites Tour trek through the rain, mud and grass to visit Hermitage Slave Pen - emotional beyond words - along with the Carib Stone, Diamond Chocolate Factory, and the Douglaston Estate. 

Looking back some more to the Meet & Greet - so much excitement shown as folks were seeing classmates and friends after so many years - And how BEAUTIFUL everyone looked!!  The entertainment provided by the 5 Calypsonians and the Ashanti Dancers set the tone for the week; along with the food provided by Valerie Francis.  Talking about food - if you did not eat from any of the 3 very large pots of Oil Down at the Game Day...."sorry" is all I will say.....folks could not believe that we were able to provide such a variety of food and more than enough for all......but that shows the kind of planning the Committee put into each event.

Many of us were reminded of the beauty of Grenada as we sailed on the Rhum Runner Evening Cruise and took in the sights along the coastline - I am not a poet and cannot eloquently put into words - so I will keep it simply as "super awesome" and a special night with everyone smiling and dancing as we docked.  More of our country's beauty was enjoyed at the impromptu Grand Anse beach hangout.  Some of the pictures posted by attendees on Facebook pages are breathtaking.  Those who waited for the food had a feast at the SGU campus (beach location) - thanks to our Grenada Team Lead Dawne Buckmire.

Our sense of community came out fully during the Read Across Day with the Primary School Students - this day was not without hiccups but our Committee Members and Volunteer Readers (you know who you are) stepped up BIG to ensure the students were fed and kept engaged in reading activities.  We knew this day was going to be our biggest challenge - 14 Host schools with 1,120 students, 7,000+ books/school supplies, and food supplies to move around the country - something that was never done before!  We were pushed to the limit with logistics but true human spirit prevailed and each Host School delivered the program.

And our closing Celebration Gala Dinner Dance - just elegant - from the cocktail hour to dancing to the live band (thanks to them for specially preparing to bring us 70s music) and DJ, and everything in between.  Premier Events Inc. transformed the Trade Centre room into an elegant showpiece - thank you Hazel Bierzynski and Michaele Hercules.  Our MC, Shirma Wells, with her signature voice, kept the evening flowing.  All the ladies, and the gents, really showed out in their exquisite attires.  And having the Prime Minister join us again and deliver supporting remarks - all Priceless!  On another special note, our local committee team, fondly known as Team Grenada - the Reunion was successful as a result of your unwavering dedication and hard work - thank you!

Can we do this again? - which decade will step up we ask? 60s; 80s; 90s?

Also, giving a shout-out to the team planning the 100th Celebration of the Anglican High School in 2016 - visit the AHS Past Pupils FB Page for dates and plans - support this event as it will be grand and special!

Our Educational Initiatives, Read Across Day and Mentorship Program, will continue and we will provide continuous information on them.  Please plan on being a Mentor.

Frances Purcell, the entire Steering Committee and I wish you All the Very Best,
Be Blessed,
Pat Adams Nicholson