The Grenada Public Service Credit Union is the official sponsor

GPSCCU will open an account in each student’s name and include in company’s EXCEL CLUB



  • Established by the Grenada 2015 Alumni Committee – renamed:

         - Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique Alumni Initiative (GAI)

  • Sponsored by the Grenada Public Service Co-op Credit Service Union (GPSCCU)

  • The goal of the program is to provide Social, Emotional and Educational support, based on individual student needs

  • Students selected by Principals of 23 secondary schools; 10 students from each school – 230 students

Provide students with the opportunity to learn from, and be exposed to, adults who can pass on personal history to help model the importance of hard work, responsibility, education, and other key tools for success

Provide students with positive guidance to broaden their perspective and expose them to alternate experiences and explore different opportunities

Recruitment: Recruit appropriate mentors and mentees by realistically describing the program’s aims and expected outcomes

Screening: Screen prospective mentors to determine whether they have the time, commitment and personal qualities to be an effective mentor

Training: Train prospective mentors in the basic knowledge and skills needed to build an effective mentoring relationship

Matching: Match mentors and mentees along dimensions likely to increase the odds that mentoring relationships will endure

Monitoring and Support: Monitor mentoring relationship milestones and support mentors with ongoing advice, problem-solving support and training opportunities for the duration of the relationship

Closure: Facilitate bringing the match to closure in a way that affirms the contributions of both the mentor and the mentee and offers both individuals the opportunity to assess the experience


  • Mentees will want to learn from adults, outside of the classroom setting, who can help broaden their horizons and expose them to new experiences not available in their immediate environment

  • Mentees should be prepared to communicate with their mentors in order to obtain the appropriate help and guidance needed

  • Mentees should consider what they expect to gain from a mentorship relationship so they can help drive the focus of their mentors


  • Mentors will be appropriately screen and trained before being assigned to a student in order to ensure they understand the value and philosophy of the mentorship program

  • Mentors will be held to a high standard of Trust, Patience, Respect, and must have good communication and problem-solving skills (based on their career and/or life experiences

  • Mentors will be expected to show care and concern for the mentee and provide age-appropriate life lessons to help guide and build self-esteem